Thom Corbett, Rigger Cadet – “Stand by for Mars!”


Thom Corbett, recently discovered to be a “Rigger,” goes to the Rigger Academy to learn to use her talents.

Riggers are genetically gifted people, that coupled with a power generator called a “VerkSing” (named after inventors Dr. Ververkian and Tom Singh), can move object with their minds.  With a suitably powerful VerkSing, they can move things as large as supertankers.  The Rigger Academy is where they learn to use their Rigger talents.

In this installment, Cadets Thomasine (Thom) Corbett, Roger Manning, and Astrid, join the academy, and get placed together as a team despite their wishes.  Roger in particular seems to have an attitude and displays very little of the Rigger Lifter power.  Astrid has difficulty learning to control her abilities.

Thom ends up being the natural leader of the group.

They withstand the initial rigors of training, but Genetic Supermen from Mars attack the academy, attempting to kidnap Riggers. Thom, Roger, and Astrid conduct a thrilling rescue of the kidnaped cadets, but then crash land miles away from the academy, and must survive a desert wasteland that almost looks like Mars.

Loosely based on “Tom Corbett, Space Cadet” from the 50’s, but the story, characters, and central concept is all new.

Think of it as “Harry Potter” meets “Star Trek” with a little (a lot) of Telekinesis thrown in!