Technology can be a challenge; to implement, use, or support your business. That's what I do - I handle the complexity.

I have grown every company I've ever worked for. I've been the CTO of an Oracle consulting company, and have grown a company from 16 to 350.

I'm a literate engineer. Articles on leadership, white papers, position papers, presales and contracts.

In my off hours, I also I write Screenplays and Novels, and have a UCLA certificate in Screenwriting.


Recently recognized as a “Pioneer” at ACM / SIGGRAPH (Association of Computing Machinery / Special Interest Group in Graphics).


15+ years of experience delivering up to $75M in recurring revenues and up to $4M in cut costs to start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations across all verticals, especially through Oracle systems and transformations. 15+ years of leading technical teams of up to 50 with up to 15 offshore resources. Consistently develops new technical innovations and solutions to problems.

Enterprise Software Delivery ♦ Custom/retail software development ♦ SDLC ♦ Mobile ♦ Performance Tuning ♦ Enterprise Architecture ♦ Data Center monitoring ♦ Retention, Mentoring ♦ Offshore Team Management ♦ Oracle PL/SQL ♦ DevOPS ♦ Agile/Scrum ♦ SOA/RESTful

Tools: Visual Studio / C++; Unreal Engine (3.x; 4.12), Blender, DAZ Studio, Poser Alpha tester

My History

I was born in St Louis, raised in Alaska — Seward, Anchorage (high school), Fairbanks (grade school) — went to College in Upstate NY (Cornell, full scholarship), lived in North Carolina, New Orleans, and Georgia, and now live in SoCal.  I’ve been in every state except New England.

I built a computer out of switches when I was a teenager; took to PC’s right away, introduced them to the Marine Corps with word processing software, implemented email, local area networks, mainframe to PC conversions, all ahead of time.

After transferring to civilian life, I developed a 3D interface for CompuServe, and then joined an Oracle consulting company 15 years ago. I have 3 published articles on Leadership in “The Cursor” a game development industry magazine.

I have spoken at the Game Developers Convention several times, and was a speaker at several Software Development conferences.

I’m a repeat speaker at West Coast Writers, teaching technology to writers of all disciplines.

I have finished 3 novels, and 3 screenplays, and have a number of works in progress.

I am the Leader of the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society (GLAWS) Screenplay Critique group (South), a repeat presenter at West Coast Writers on Technolgoy, and also teach in the IDEAS group at Los Angeles Valley College.